Startup Marketing Consultant



With the exponential growth of the digital world, many startups have emerged to combat the needs of a modern economy. Whether they are in need of funding and venture capital, want to scale an app, or are simply trying to compete with larger companies, startups will find it difficult to succeed without the support of marketing consultants. These professionals can help a company from idea phase all the way through post-launch execution and scaling.


Marketing consultants have a wide range of skills that could be beneficial to startups looking for guidance in their marketing efforts. They often possess strong experience in digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, social media campaigns, email management campaigns with high open rates and click-through rates on content marketing campaigns. Many also have expertise in branding, corporate identity and logo creation.


Many marketing consultants have backgrounds in advertising and public relations, with some working for major corporations before branching out on their own to serve smaller companies. Some may even have a background in law or journalism, as they are able to understand and interpret business contracts and make good use of public relations efforts to improve the reputation of their clients.


Once they take on a project, marketing consultants will typically create marketing plans, which serves as a roadmap to implement their business’ online marketing strategy. Often times, they will also test several tactics in order to discover what works best with the target audience.


Marketing consultants should be able to work well within tight constraints and remain flexible in order to keep up with constantly changing trends. They must also be able to embrace change and adapt quickly in order to effectively manage a project. Marketing consultants are also required to take initiative and work on their own projects without supervision or frequent direction from management.


If you’re a startup looking for professional help by a marketing consultant, I’m here to help.

I have over 20 years of marketing experience in a broad range of industries including FMCG, beauty, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare, F&B, real estate, fashion, healthcare, service industry & many more. This has helped diversify my experience in setting & applying successful strategies for mass brands, specialty brands & prescription brands at different lifecycle stages ranging from launching new brands to transforming existing mature brands across the globe in different markets including both developed & emerging markets.


My goal is to help rising entrepreneurs & new business owners grow irresistible business brands with successful marketing strategies & executions. I am hands-on to help you gain immense value & results at every stage of your growth journey.


I’ll help you develop your business with a comprehensive marketing strategy that resonates throughout, from brand positioning to store packaging, ad copy, email marketing, website copy & promotion campaigns.


By working together to develop a winning strategy that will help take your startup to success, I’ll create an actionable plan for success that will keep you on track and growing. Let’s start today!